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Schedule of Events

RFA Release Date:                               January 23, 2020
Questions Due:                                   February 6, 2020 by 4:00 PM
Questions, Answers, and
Updates Posted:(on or about)          February 20, 2020
Applications Due:                               March 12, 2020 by 4:00 PM

DOH Contact Name & Address
Richard Cotroneo, Director
HIV Education and Training Programs
Office of the Medical Director, AIDS Institute

RFA – HIV STI Hepatitis Training Services (PDF)
Attachment 1 – Application Cover Sheet (DOCX)
Attachment 3 – Statement of Assurances (DOCX)
Attachment 6 – Agency Capacity and Staffing Information (DOCX)
Attachment 12 – MWBE Utilization Plan (DOCX)
Attachment 13 – Vendor Responsibility Attestation 9 DOCX)
Attachment 14 – Agency Policies and Procedures (DOCX)
Attachment 16 – Statement of Activities for the Past Three Years (DOC)
Attachment 17 – Funding History for HIVSTI Hepatitis Training, Capacity Building Services or Client Services (DOCX)
Attachment 18 – Statement of Sexual Harassment Compliance (DOC)

RFA – HIV STI Hepatitis Training Services Questions and Answers (PDF)

HIV.STI.HCV Training Svcs RFA awardees (PDF)